Alappuzha is a small district criss-crossed by a network of navigable lagoons and canals. Despite its size, the densely populated “Venice of the east” is prominent tourist destination, and a centre of culture, and traditional industries. The district used to be an important centre of commerce with goods laden kettuvallams (houseboats) plying the numerous canals. These majestic kettuvallams still ply the waters, retrofitted to be luxurious houseboats. Alappuzha is also home to the “rice bowl” of Kerala, Kuttanad.

Destinations in Alappuzha


Pathiramanal (literally the sands of midnight) is a small island on the backwaters of Alappuzha. Its evocative name is matched by beautiful island and the serene waters that surround it. The island plays host our beloved avian tourists that fly across continents to for the warmth and bounty of these waters. Pathiramanal, accessible only by boat, is perfectly suited for a short break during your cruise through Alappuzha’s backwaters. The island is part of the government’s eco-tourism initiative that ensures sustainable and environmentally friendly enjoyment of this beautiful island.


The rice-bowl of Kerala, Kuttanad is among the few places in the world where farming is carried out below the sea-level. Located in Alappuzha district, this region produces some of the most prized varieties of paddy in Kerala. The rolling paddy fields, the thick plantain groves and waddling swarms of ducks are sights to weary eyes. Life seems to move at a languid pace here that masks the constant struggles of farmers with Kuttanad’s unique geography. Even while engaged in the tough task of protecting their fields from saline water, the local populace finds time to lustily sing songs of the field or sit-down to delectable meals of crabs or fish.

Alappuzha - Canal cruise

It was the labyrinthine canals that give Alappuzha its moniker of “Venice of the East.” A cruise through these historic canals is a chance to see Alppuzha from a unique vantage point. Unlike the backwater cruises, the canal cruise also goes by urban areas. A wide range of cruise options are available here – from small country boats to luxury houseboats and small speedboats to big passenger motorboats. Small boats are preferred for cruise through the canals.

Krishnapuram palace and beach

Krishnapuram Palace in Kayamkulam, Alappuzha district, was the official residence of the Kayamkulam dynasty. Constructed in the early 18th century, this magnificent example of Kerala architecture has many highlights including the courtyard, gabled roofs, thick-framed doors, narrow corridors and stairways, dormer windows and low roofs. The palace also houses a museum with treasures such as antiques, sculptures, paintings, weapons, megalithic