This northern most district of Kerala is one of the most beautiful district and its famous as the land of gods, sea kissed forts , majestic hills, rivers and delightful beaches.Kasaragod was famous from time immemorial and Arab travelers who came to Kerala in 9th and14th centuries AD had visited Kasaragod. Bekal fort.

Destinations in Kasargod

Bekkal Fort and Bekal Beach

The Bekal Beach is a shallow beach that offers spectacular views of the Bekal Fort nearby. The palm trees swaying along the beach and the unexplored surroundings lure vacationers to this arcadia.The other beaches around and apart from Bekal to watch out for is the Kanwatheertha beach, Azhithala beach and the Kappil beach which is 6 km north of the Bekal fort is a secluded, un-spoilt and a good spot for swimming. It also offers picture postcard sunsets

Chithari, Kanwatheertha Beach

Green and beautiful, a little effaced by the historic Bekal Fort and beach, Chithari is still a virgin destination. The island is accessible only by boat, often wooden canoes that belong to the locals. Chithari is part of the Bekal tourism project to develop the area into a sustainable, environmentally friendly destination.

Padanna back waters

Very close to the famous Valiyaparamba backwaters, Padanna is an up and coming destination in Kasargod district. On the banks of this pristine backwaters is Oyter Opera, a themed village dedicate to oyster farming that is a source of income for many in this area. An authentic Kerala hamlet, Padanna is best suited for a peaceful retreat into the lap of Mother Nature. Nourished by five rivers, Padanna is also close to the beach and estuary.

Valiyaparamba backwaters

Valiyaparamba is a small island located 5 km southwest of Cheruvathur. It is separated from the mainland by backwaters and is about 30 km from Bekal, in Kasargod dstrict of north Kerala.It is supplied with water from four rivers and is speckled with numerous little islands. This island is approximately 16 km2 in size and is flourishing as a backwater resort offering enticing luxury boat cruises