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Posted on 2012-08-04

Carnival of Onam lasts for ten days and brings out the best of Kerala culture and tradition. Intricately decorated Pookalam, ambrosial Onasadya, breathtaking Snake Boat Race and exotic Kaikottikali dance are some of the most remarkable features of Onam - the harvest festival in Kerala. During Onam season there will be traditional celebrations and competitions which will reflect the kerala culture. The great feast is one of the important events in onam. The tourist season has been started from August to till April. The kerala monsoon season will be over by August and the summer will last till May. Kearla is famous for beach and backwaters. The green fields and sites will give a nice village atmosphere and it is so named as the "God's own country", The lakes and sea shores are most attractive and clean in kerala. kerala is the most literate state in India where the people are more aware about the responsibilities with great commitment. The kadakali is the landmark of kerala culture. Tullal, Teyyam, Mohiniyattam, kalaripayattu or Martial Arts and panjavadyam are few interesting traditional art forms in kerla. These are the best reflections of kerala culture and following the traditional styles to preserve the old culture and custom.