Wayanad is rich in natural resources and  beautiful with mist clothed mountains, intense forests and rich green plantations. The Wayanad forests are cosmic landmasses for natural world to enjoy their natural dwelling.Situated in Western Ghats, the district of Wayanad is remote, wild and breathtakingly beautiful.

Destinations in Wayanad

Pookkott Lake

The Pookotte lake is a natural lake with fresh water surrounded by evergreen forest and rolling hills. There is a fresh water aquarium with variety of fish is an added attraction. Tourists can enjoy the boating facilities, children's park, and a shopping centre and large collection of handicrafts and spices.

BanasuraSagar Dam

Bansura dam is located towards the north west of Kalpetta. This dam is considered as the biggest earth dam in India. The dam lengthens to a wide region with crystal clear waters. Undisturbed and engulfed amidst the hills, Bansura dam is one of the scenic beauty and an important tourist destination in kerala.

Begur Wild Life Santuary

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Mananthavady.  This is very close to the Western Ghats. Begur National Park is one of the best  places to visit in Wayanad. It offers a complete pleasure amidst the green lush. Mostly all the existing greenery possess with exceptional medicinal values.

Tirunelli Temple

Thirunelli is situated at north east of Mananthavady, a town in Wayanad under the Brahmagiri hills in the reserve forests. The temple at Thirunelli is often called 'Thekkan Kasi'. The temple is very old with historic importance and rich tradition of Hindu customs. It is believed that a bath in the holly water of 'Papanasini' will wipe off all the sins.

Kuruva Island

This is a lovely island and the contribution of the Kabini river. This island spans over 900 acres of tropical forest and a famous tourist spot. The rare species of birds, orchids and herbs, and also find tribal people who row to the island from nearby locations.

Meenmutty waterfalls

This is an interesting 2 km jungle trek off the main Ooty road, in Wayanad. Meenmutty is the largest and most attractive waterfall in Wayanad. The water fall  drops about 300 metres over three stages.


Soochippara waterfalls is located near Meppadi another natural gift of Wayanad. This waterfall ranged from 100 to 300 feet in height and is a lovely place to visit and an important place for relaxing. This place is a sacred place as its divinity is obvious in the beauty of the nature.

Sentinel Rock water falls

This tourist spot is located  around 22 kms south of Kalpetta near Chooralmala. This is one of the popular attractions on Wayanad. This is a three step waterfall more than 200 mts in height. Framed by the nature with enchanting scenery

Kanthapara falls

Kanthapara falls is a great place towards the south east of Kalpetta. This falls is located  of 22 kms from Kalpetta and 8 kms from Meppadi. Kanthapara falls is also an apt place for picnics amidst the luring prettiness of the natural world. It is extremely noiseless and offers a feeling of absolute freshness.

Edakkal caves

The two natural caves that together constitute Edakkal in Wayanad district is a window to Kerala’s pre-history. There are human and animal statistics carvings on the rock walls depicting ancient era and civilized citizens. The caves can be approached by 1km trekking trail starting from Edakkal. The best visiting hours are morning.


Pakshipathalam, in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli is an ideal tourist spot. A 17 km trek through the wild forests brings one to this beautiful place. Apart from the thriving natural beauty, the deep rock caves are the habitat of a number of species of birds and wild animals.


Lakkidi which is one of the highest locations in Wayanad and known as  the gateway of Wayanad. The lofty mountain peaks, the gurging stream, luxuriant greenery and the elegant view of the deep valley on the south, with its winding roads, are breath taking

Tolpetty wild life

This is located 20 km east of Mananthavady, 13 km from Thirunelly on the Kodagu Road.  This sanctuary has a wide variety of animals, and visitors are restricted to the outer tourist zone. This trekking would be an interesting experience for the tourists to see the wild life.

Muthanga wild life Santuary

Mutanga wild life sanctuary is part of a greater continuum of preserved  forest, in Kerala. Large collection of  Wild elephants, deers, Gaur (Bos gaurus) bisons, you will most likely be able to see during your forest expedition. The journey thorugh the thick forest will be giving a fantastic experience to the tourists with trilling mind.